About this Human Appraiser

Everyone has something to say. Experiences, opinions, skills – you name it. So here’s a little about the person behind this site – not everything of course because this is mainly a business and professional effort.

I’m a California native and love this state and its beauty, its people and the opportunities. Early years, with the exception of a few in Connecticut were in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas. I think Orange County was probably named after an abundance of orange groves, which I can attest to after living in Santa Ana in the 60’s. High school and community college were attended in San Diego. My working life began in the building trades, then my one-man trucking company. After moving to Santa Cruz and meeting my real estate agent wife, I too started selling real estate, then a tangent for a year as a loan agent and finally what I really like – appraisal.

I moved to Yuba City (40 miles north of Sacramento ) in 1990 to work for Home Savings S&L; which was bought by Washington Mutual of Great Recession fame. After that ended I realized my avocation for computer tech, by going to work with software firm creating applications for the home-building industry. You probably know what happened to home-building in 2007. Afterwards I started my one-man appraisal firm AVK Appraisal Services – established 2009.

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